Green Woodcraft is a magazine for people interested in working with greenwood. We collect stories, tips and reviews from green woodworkers around the world to share their experience.

We focus on the green side of woodworking. It means that these projects and ideas generally start from a tree or a log. We work with relatively freshly-felled wood, instead of seasoned, dimensional timber.

Though it’s focused, the craft is extensive. It covers everything from tree management and felling, through green furniture making (bodging) and turning, right the way to carving spoons, cups and bowls. We’ll share tips on getting started with various kinds of green woodworking. We’ll also talk about tools and materials.

Within green woodworking, you will find a series of subtopics, including:

  • Carving – from spoons to figures, and bowls to tools
  • Turning – using foot-powered lathes, from spindles to bowls
  • Furniture making – also called bodging, making tables and chairs from wet wood (needing no glue to stay secure)
  • Tool making – forging edged tools or knocking out wedges in the woods
  • Forestry – looking after the trees that keep us supplied

The site is run by Zach Beauvais, an amateur green woodworker and more professional editor.